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Residency Requirements for Divorce in Arizona

Residency requirements in Arizona ensure that the state's courts have jurisdiction over divorce cases. Meeting these requirements is essential before filing a divorce petition.

Residency Requirements for Divorce in Arizona

1. State Residency

  • Requirement: Either spouse must have lived in Arizona for at least 90 days immediately before filing for divorce.
  • Purpose: Establishes a significant connection to the state, allowing Arizona courts to have jurisdiction over the divorce.

2. Military Personnel

  • Military personnel stationed in Arizona for at least 90 days can also file for divorce in the state.
  • Arizona considers military personnel residents if Arizona was their home state when they entered the service and they have maintained Arizona as their legal residence, even if stationed elsewhere.

3. Filing Without Meeting Residency Requirements

  • If the residency requirements are not met, you may need to wait to file for divorce or consider filing in another state where you meet the requirements.

4. Impact on the Divorce Process

  • Failing to meet the residency requirements can result in the dismissal of your divorce case. Ensure that these criteria are met before filing.


Meeting the residency requirements is a critical first step in the divorce process in Arizona. These requirements are in place to ensure that Arizona courts have the authority to preside over your divorce. If you're considering filing for divorce in Arizona, ensure that you or your spouse meet the state's residency requirements to avoid complications.

If there are any doubts or questions about your residency status, consulting with a legal professional can provide clarity and guidance.

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